How To Stop Foreclosure In Utica | Fast Cash Home Buyers

How To Stop Foreclosure In Utica | Fast Cash Home Buyers All right folks! Today we are going to talk about how to stop foreclosure in Utica. The last thing you need, or anyone needs for that matter, is to go through a foreclosure in Utica. Life throws a lot our way. Whether it is financially, … Continued

Sell Your House Fast In Utica

Sell Your House Fast | Fast Cash Home Buyers Hey guys! This is Cameron Stewart with Fast Cash Home Buyers, and today we are talking about tax auctions and what you can do if you need to sell your house fast in Utica! Alright, I am working in this basement today, sorry about that, but nonetheless … Continued

New York Tenant Rights – Fast Cash Home Buyers

New York Tenant Rights – What You Need To Know This past June, Gov. Cuomo passed new housing laws regarding New York Tenant Rights, that will effect landlord and tenant relations throughout the state. Most of these laws became effective this June, and the rest becoming effective this October. Below, I will link to this … Continued

Sold in 30 Minutes! – Fast Cash Home Buyers

Sold in 30 Minutes! – How? Wow. This all happened so quick. Many of you reading this are probably doubting how this can happen. Did he really just say that he had a house he sold in 30 minutes? Well…yes. Fast Cash Home Buyers works with network of other investors and real estate professionals. Every … Continued

Sold in 1 Week! with Fast Cash Home Buyers

Sold in 1 Week! – Fast Cash Home Buyers Will Get You The Cash You Deserve Quickly! Folks, this is a great story. Way down in the depth of Central NY is beautiful Otsego County. Most known for Cooperstown, NY, the home of the MLB Hall of Fame, Otsego County is home to rolling hills … Continued