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Sold in 30 Minutes! – How?

Wow. This all happened so quick. Many of you reading this are probably doubting how this can happen. Did he really just say that he had a house he sold in 30 minutes? Well…yes.

Fast Cash Home Buyers works with network of other investors and real estate professionals. Every now and then, someone within our network of investors may be looking for a specific type of property, maybe in a specific neighborhood. We work closely with our network, and we know what they are looking for. When this beautiful little home in Rome, NY came up, Fast Cash Home Buyers was able to offer a great price to the seller, and close quickly on the house. Can your real estate agent do that?

Call Cameron today at 315-351-2772. Maybe your house can be the next house sold in 30 minutes!

Sold in 30 Minutes! - Fast Cash Home Buyers

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