Short Sale vs Foreclosure – What’s the Difference in Utica?

Whether you’re a buyer or a borrower/seller, a short sale, and foreclosure each present different advantages and difficulties. What Is A Foreclosure In Utica, NY? In simple terms… “A foreclosed home is one in which the owner is unable to make his mortgage loan payments and the bank repossessed the home” (source).  If you stop … Continued

How To Stop Foreclosure In Utica | Fast Cash Home Buyers

How To Stop Foreclosure In Utica | Fast Cash Home Buyers All right folks! Today we are going to talk about how to stop foreclosure in Utica. The last thing you need, or anyone needs for that matter, is to go through a foreclosure in Utica. Life throws a lot our way. Whether it is financially, … Continued

Sell Your House Fast In Utica

Sell Your House Fast | Fast Cash Home Buyers Hey guys! This is Cameron Stewart with Fast Cash Home Buyers, and today we are talking about tax auctions and what you can do if you need to sell your house fast in Utica! Alright, I am working in this basement today, sorry about that, but nonetheless … Continued

How an iBuyer Compares To A Local Home Buyer in Utica

iBuyers are a relatively new option when it comes to selling your home. They provide a quick option if you need to sell as soon as possible, but they are not the only option. There are still traditional local home buyers in Utica, NY that are financed and able to purchase your home. How does … Continued