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3 Tips to Sell Your House in Watertown, NY - Fast Cash Home Buyers

“How can I sell my house in Watertown quick and easy,” you say….?

The real estate market in Watertown can be competitive. When you first start to consider selling your home, the amount of other houses on the market may seem overwhelming. If you are looking for an advantage over competing homes on the market, start with these 3 simple tips first!

Sell my house  in  Watertown, NY! >>

Sell my house in Watertown Tip #1: Increase Your Odds

Have you ever driven by a house and judged it simply by the way it looked from the outside? I bet you have. I know I have. The bushes may be overgrown, and the lawn hasn’t been cut in weeks. The siding looks dingy, and it just doesn’t look appealing. Is this what your home looks like? If so, one of the best things you can do to increase the likelihood of your home selling quickly is to give it some ‘curb appeal’.

Trim the bushes, clean the siding, fix the crooked light fixture next to the front door. We live in a world of the online marketplace. The first picture a potential buyer sees of your property could determine their level of interest from the start. Make sure your home looks presentable at a quick glance.

Do not underestimate the value of open spaces inside either. Remove the clutter, and open up as much space as possible. Buyers want to imagine how they would configure your living room with their furniture. Give them the room to imagine.

Sell my house in Watertown Tip #2: Upgrade

This is 2019, we don’t want wallpaper. We want stainless steel appliances. If you have the ability to upgrade a few key items such as appliances, flooring, light fixtures, etc., you can attract a buyer a lot quicker.  Your biggest focus should be on the bathrooms and the kitchen. These two rooms sell houses.

Sell my house in Watertown Tip #3: Don’t Distract

This tip is often overlooked. Buyers want to imagine their new life in their new home, not your old life in your home. Remove most personal items such as pictures, or extensive decorations. Anything can turn a buyer off, and you ultimately want them to imagine living in your home.

Sell my house  in  Watertown, NY! >>

How can Fast Cash Home Buyers help with all of this?

#1 – We purchase homes in any and all conditions. You will never need to fix up, modify, or upgrade your home! We can purchase your house as-is, with cash!

#2 – We are not real estate agents so there are no fees to be paid. That’s right, we charge you ZERO COMMISSIONS!

#3 – Fast Cash Home Buyers will pay all of the closing costs. Correct, that means you pay absolutely nothing to sell your home!

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