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Sell My House in Syracuse, NY - Fast Cash Home Buyers

Selling a house in Syracuse, NY?

Selling a house in Syracuse can be tough. We live in a seasonal real estate market in Central NY, where we have a limited amount of time to sell homes. We all know that not many people are very enthusiastic when it comes to doing anything in the winter, let alone show a house!

So what do you really need to know when you start to consider selling a house in Syracuse? You should start with these three things first…

Time: How much do you have?

First, take into account how much time you have to sell your home. Here in Central NY, the majority of homes are put on the market around spring time, in May. Generally, it is expected that selling a house in Syracuse should take only the summer months. Well, that is not the case sometimes, especially if your home is not in the best condition to sell.

Selling a house in Syracuse generally takes 45-60 days for a home to sell, and an additional 45-60 days to close. Do you have time to wait?

Money: How much would you like to spend?

Real estate agents…they are expensive. Selling a house in Syracuse generally means paying a real estate agent 6% of your sale price in commissions! (3% if you are extremely lucky) Banks and other traditional lenders are picky. This oftentimes forces buyers to request what is known as a sellers concession. These can manifest in different ways, but it generally requires the seller to cover a portion (or all) of the closing costs in the sale price. Hmmmm….. aren’t you paying 6% of the sales price in commissions already? Why would your agent put you in a situation to pay them more?

Do not get caught up paying exorbitant fees and commissions for selling a house in Syracuse.

Selling Price: What’s in it for you?

Imagine selling a house in Syracuse for $100,000. After negotiations, fees, closing costs, and taxes you only receive $75,000 in your pocket. Is this enough. Well, it may be. It may not. Sometimes homeowners get caught up in what their agent will list their home for, not how much money they will take home. If you have to come up with money out of your own pocket for selling a house in Syracuse, that is not a good deal for you.

Homeowners need to stop asking what their house can list for, and instead ask how much money they will make.

How can Fast Cash Home Buyers help?

#1 – We will reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home in Syracuse. The more time it takes selling a house in Syracuse, the more money you will pay. Remember, there are still taxes, utilities, and possibly mortgage payments due while your house in on the market.

#2 – We are not real estate agents. That’s right, we do not charge a dime to homeowners selling a house in Syracuse. We simply want to buy your house. We do not expect you to pay us to do so!

#3 – We pay all closing costs! When selling a house in Syracuse, you should not have to pay anything! Fast Cash Home Buyers wants to make that a possibility.

No closing costs, no commissions, and a quick transaction. Click here to start, or simply fill out the form on the side of this page!

Selling a house in Syracuse?

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