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If you own Utica real estate without a lot of equity, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming. You may be realizing that paying a real estate agent to sell your home, and possibly having to pay closing costs would be too costly, and require you to pay money out of your own pocket in order to sell your home. We will help you learn how to sell your property in Utica without paying closing costs!


How It Works

Fast Cash Home Buyers is actively purchasing homes in Utica and the greater Oneida/Herkimer County area. When we purchase your home, there are no commissions to be paid, and we will take care of all closing costs and attorney fees associated with buying your home. It is literally that easy. We are always looking for more Utica real estate!

What You Can Do To Prepare

We purchase homes in any and all conditions, so there is no need to clean or repair your home. We understand that renovations are needed sometimes, and we are prepared to accommodate. What you can do is reach out to us, and allow us to start the process into making an offer on your home.

Do you want to learn more about how to sell your house in Utica? We can answer any question you have about the process. Reach out to us today for more information! (315) 351-2772

Sell Your House with NO Closing Costs! - Fast Cash Home Buyers

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